My ex-partner is a nurse working at Poole Hospital. Nurse is a unique profession – it’s a person who takes care of sick individuals, often vulnerable. A person working as an NHS nurse should have an unblemished reputation. Does my ex-partner working at Poole Hospital have such a reputation? Due to the ongoing investigation, I cannot disclose her details now.

Four relationships of my ex – all ended with police intervention.

From the information I have gathered, it appears that my ex-partner has been in four relationships lasting over 6 months. All of them ended with police intervention, and some of them resulted in court proceedings. This seems to be a pattern and a way of life for my ex-partner, as she is unable to end her relationships in a civilized manner. Instead, she has chosen to resolve her family issues with the help of the Dorset Police, to show her partners who is in charge. In this article, I will present the information I have gathered about my ex-partner’s relationships.


Lukasz is the first husband of my ex-partner and also the father of her only son. From the stories told by my ex-partner, one could infer that Łukasz was a terrible person who abandoned his family and showed no interest in the fate of his son. However, the truth turned out to be quite different from what my ex-partner portrayed. On September 4, 2023, Łukasz contacted me via WhatsApp and asked for a meeting. The meeting took place later that day at the Conto Lounge pub. I went to this meeting with my friend to serve as a witness to our conversation. His story about his relationship with his wife was drastically different from the one presented to me by my ex-partner – for many years, she had been doing everything to cut off her ex-husband from his son. She even resorted to blackmail.

A few months earlier, Lukasz had tried to contact me through messages on Facebook Messenger, thus attempting to establish contact with his son. Shortly thereafter, my ex-partner contacted him, threatening that if he did not stop trying to contact his son, she would call the police and accuse Lukasz of paedophilia, and would send her friends to beat him severely. I never saw this message, so it seems that my partner, after seeing messages from Łukasz on my phone, deleted them from my phone and contacted him threateningly.

Lukasz also recounted the end of their relationship when my ex-partner called the police, accusing Lukasz of domestic violence. Lukasz was arrested and spent the night in custody.


I am quite familiar with the history of my ex-partner’s relationship with Bradley because she repeatedly told me that she used Dorset Police and Bournemouth Crown Court to punish Bradley for alleged infidelity. My ex suspected that Bradley had another partner in London and decided to play the victim of domestic violence and use Dorset Police to ruin his life. She succeeded – my ex was incredibly proud of this and boasted that by playing the victim of domestic violence, she had destroyed Bradley’s life. She recounted how she played the innocent victim like an actress in Hollywood, and Dorset Police danced to her tune. In court, my ex demanded to have a temporary barrier installed between her and Bradley because supposedly she was terrified even at the sight of him.

I don’t know if Bradley was cheating on his partner, but in this sad and tragic situation, the funniest part is that my ex stole Bradley from her best friend. There’s a saying: “When Kali steals a cow, it’s good. But when someone steals Kali’s cow, it’s bad.”


Piotr is my ex’s second husband and her third partner. I don’t know the exact details of this relationship, but according to the police report I received, this relationship with my ex also ended with police intervention.

Victim last reported a domestic abuse incident with ex-husband in 2017 when they had both been drinking and had a verbal argument.

Police Disclosure Page 33

From this short police report, three things can be inferred: my ex already had a problem with controlling her anger at that time, she already had an issue with alcohol, and she already used the police for her own purposes to punish her partners.

Andrzej – my story

I was my ex’s fourth partner. My story is a mirror image of my ex-partner’s behaviours from previous relationships. On June 24, 2023, my ex accused me of infidelity. Most women in such a situation would simply end the relationship, but not my ex – she doesn’t allow her partners to just walk away. Her partners must feel her wrath. My ex knows perfectly well that the Dorset Police officers are not known for their intelligence, and all it takes is a tearful call to 101 to turn her partners’ lives into hell.

You might think that you can’t just call the police and make up a story of domestic violence. You might think that the officers of the Dorset Police aren’t so naive as to believe in made-up stories. You would be wrong – Officer Rose Pratt from Dorset Police is a perfect example of this. That there are no traces of violence? So what? That her story is full of contradictions? Do you think anyone in Dorset Police cares about that? On the first day of the investigation, the police officers realized that her story didn’t add up – they wrote in their report:

She has then told these officers about the previous assault and stated that he strangled her before — note that when asked by earlier officers if there had been any other assaults she said no, and she said no when ppn question about strangulation, possible this will need revisiting for clarification.

Police Disclosure Page 4

Unfortunately for my ex-partner, I don’t allow false accusations to be thrown my way, and sooner or later, she will be held accountable for her sins – and there are many. That’s why this case has gone to court. This case is not just about me being innocent – it’s about me being a victim of domestic violence, it’s about discrimination by the police based on gender, it’s about how Dorset Police, CPS, and Bournemouth Crown Court treat men who fall victim to domestic violence.

My list of charges against my ex-partner

1. Domestic violence, controlling behaviour

A. Assault

In November 2021, during a conversation without warning, my ex-partner attacked me and punched me in the face, breaking my nose. Dorset Police has my testimony on this matter, photos of my injuries, my ex’s admission of guilt, and a witness to those events. More information on this can be found in my previous article: Bankruptcy Phones Rescue Due To Incompetence Of Bournemouth Police, CPS, And Bournemouth Crown Court (

B. Monitoring through online communication tools or the use of spyware even after the end of our relationship

I had my phone number on the Lycamobile network long before I met my ex-partner. My ex-partner convinced me to transfer my number to her family plan on the EE network, claiming that it would save me money on call costs. I agreed to this without realizing that from the moment my number was transferred, my ex-partner gained full control over my calls, messages, and internet access. When I was disobedient to her, as punishment, my ex-partner completely blocked my access to the internet on my phone. On June 25, 2023, my ex-partner completely blocked my phone number and unlawfully instructed the EE network to remove my number from the network.

My ex-partner continued to monitor my calls and messages even after our relationship ended on June 23, 2023. On June 29, 2023, my ex-partner sent a message to my friend, which read:

My heart is bleeding and you still talking to him ;( I don’t know what to say to you.

Evidence Ev14

C. Repeated humiliation

My ex-partner repeatedly humiliated me, including publicly, which can be confirmed by my witness. There was a constant pattern of demeaning me and hurling insults at me. She often belittled me, claiming that she was studying nursing while I was worthless trash. As evidence, her message from June 24, 2023, can be used, where my partner wrote:

I knew you scumbag, don’t even show your face in front of me.

Evidence Ev17

D. Threatening to hurt

My ex-partner repeatedly threatened that if I didn’t obey her orders, she would call her friends who would harm me. These threats were not only directed towards me but also towards her first husband, the father of her son. This can be confirmed by her ex-husband and my witness who was present during my conversation with her ex-husband.

E. Intimidation, blocking access to the house

My ex-partner repeatedly blocked my access to the house despite us having equal rights to it – we are both listed on the contract. On numerous occasions, I had to sleep in my car or at my shop. On June 24, 2023, my ex-partner again blocked my access to the house. This can be confirmed by the police officers who intervened on that day.

F. Threatening to damage my property

In June 2023, my ex threatened to damage my personal belongings if I didn’t remove them from our house within a few days. Please note that until the investigation is concluded, I still have rights to my home. My ex sent a message that read:

Please let me know when you want to pick up your things. It’s not fair what you’re doing because all of this can’t stay here. I know you can’t reply to me, so reply to him. I’ll throw everything out this weekend if you don’t get in touch.

Evidence Ev17

G. Preventing me from accessing transportation to work

On June 25, 2023, I went to my house to pick up my bike, which I often used to commute to work. Upon arriving home, it turned out that my bike was missing. It turned out that my ex had hidden it at the neighbour’s, and only the intervention of the police officer who arrived at the scene forced my ex to return my property.

H. Tracking my location

My ex-partner coerced me into installing a location-tracking app through harassment, insults, and physical intimidation. When I refused to install the app, informing her that it violated my privacy, I was pushed and insulted by my ex-partner. As evidence, I have screenshots of the invitations she repeatedly sent me to the Life360 app, as well as the Microsoft Family Safety app, which also allows tracking of my location. When I refused to install location tracking apps, my ex-partner forced her son to send invitations to the Life360 app.

I. Harassment

While I was in custody on the night of June 24th to 25th, 2023, my ex-partner, driven by jealousy and rage, deleted the Fan Page of my company, Phones Rescue, from Facebook. This is not the behaviour of a domestic violence victim who supposedly was intimidated and harassed by me. This is the behaviour of someone who wants to destroy and make someone else’s life miserable. If I had not been released on bail, I would not have had the opportunity to reactivate my Fan Page, and it would have been completely deleted.


J. Stalking

“Spying on my browsing history for at least 3 months after the breakup. In one of her statements, my ex wrote:”

I have also seen his phone where he searched
‘Love at the first signs with Aries

Statements Page 38

I checked my browsing history and indeed found such searches. The catch is that they were searches from September 15, 2023. This means that my ex-partner, through one of my devices that I was forced to leave in her house, spied on my browsing history for at least 3 months after our breakup.

From police reports and my ex-partner’s statements, it appears that she testified several times that she ended our relationship on Friday, June 23, 2023. The day after our breakup, she broke into my Instagram account.

It follows that by hacking into my Instagram account after our breakup, she committed the crime of stalking. At the same time, my ex-partner bombarded our friend with messages, alleging that I was having an affair with her. In one of those messages, there is evidence that she illegally hacked into my Instagram account (Evidence Ev5).

My ex-partner was in an alcoholic binge from June 15th to June 22nd, and after abstaining from alcohol, she was full of aggression and delusions. Therefore, I ignored those messages and continued my bike ride. Her aggression was nothing new to me because such cycles of drinking, and sobriety combined with aggression, anxiety, paranoia, delusions, and periods of relative normalcy occurred approximately every 30-40 days.

2. Perverting the course of justice

Even after my arrest caused by false accusations and dishonest testimony from my ex, this matter could have been resolved in a civilized manner. If my ex-partner did not want to continue our relationship, we could have ended it amicably. However, my ex has never ended any of her relationships peacefully without involving the police. My ex called the police, falsely claiming that I attacked her, choked her, and threw her against a wall.

These are extremely serious accusations that carry severe consequences, and if they are false, they threaten to convict an innocent person to imprisonment and also result in entries in the police record, significantly hindering future employment opportunities. Blinded by jealousy and hatred, my ex did not consider that if I proved she fabricated the accusations, she may face severe consequences for it. The maximum penalty for perverting the course of justice is a life sentence.

On June 24, 2023, after false accusations from my ex, I was arrested, placed in custody, and conditionally released on bail the next day, with no possibility of returning to my home.

At this point, the long list of evidence begins, demonstrating the terrifying incompetence of Dorset Police, especially of the investigating officer, Rose Pratt. From the very beginning of the investigation, at every step, it can be inferred that my ex-partner is lying, and her motive is jealousy, hatred towards me, and a desire for revenge.

My ex-partner testified several times that there was no physical violence on my part. In one of the reports, she admitted guilt that in November 2021, she attacked me and broke my nose. You can read about this incident in the previous article. She also testified that apart from that incident when she broke my nose, there was never any domestic violence on my part.

The female party also disclosed that a while ago (possibly a year or more ago) the male had pushed her or kicked her in the stomach after she had hit him, but this was not reported. No other DA between the two since this incident.

Police Disclosure Page 27

In another police report, it can be read that my ex-partner testified that between her attack on me in November 2021 and June 24, 2023, there was never any physical violence:

Apart from one previous incident and this incident there hasn’t been anything physical.

Police Disclosure Page 35 and 36

3. Wasting police time

From police reports and my ex-partner’s testimony, it is clear that she had no reason to call the police. Her only motive for calling the police was jealousy, aggression, and a desire to destroy my life.

After speaking with me, the police officer who arrived at the scene wrote in the report:

Male party was spoken too and presented as reasonable.

Police Disclosure Page 27

He also wrote:

Suspect was calm and compliant.

Police Disclosure Page 33

Based on the informants account, as well as the male parties account, no offences were identified.

Police Disclosure Page 27

Falsifying statements to the police can also be considered as wasting police time.

From June 23, 2023, until today (February 23, 2024), Dorset Police has not held my ex-partner accountable for wasting police time. Perhaps for OIC Rose Pratt or Chief Constable Amanda Pearson, wasting police time and taxpayers’ money is something normal and natural, but I believe that there should be some consequences for my ex-partner for this.

4. Drinking alcohol at work in hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly.

My ex-partner not only was drunk at work in the hospital on multiple occasions but also drank alcohol while already on duty. Many times, I had to drive her to work at the hospital because she was not able to drive herself. On the way to Poole Hospital, there is a Premier shop on Ashley Road – it was my ex-partner’s habit to stop at this shop to buy a bottle of whiskey or rum to add to her coffee thermos because otherwise, she was unable to function. My ex-partner, being intoxicated, poses a danger to the lives and health of patients.

5. Embezzlement of funds from the NHS.

While still a medical student, my ex would book shifts at work at Bournemouth Hospital or Poole Hospital as Bank Staff. Once in 2023 or 2022, she booked a shift, but because she was so drunk on the day she was unable to stand, she called the hospital and left a voicemail saying she wasn’t feeling well. Shortly after, she informed me with surprise that the NHS had paid her for that day. Instead of informing the hospital of the mistake, my ex began booking and cancelling shifts over the phone. From my information, it appears that the NHS repeatedly paid my ex for shifts, even for days when she didn’t show up for work.

A nurse should set an example – I believe that my ex does not deserve the honour of working for the NHS, let alone in the private sector.

The case against my ex has already been reported to the police – I will update this article as new information becomes available.