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This is one of the articles in a series about the reasons for the downfall of the company “Phones Rescue” caused by the incompetence of Dorset Police, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), and Bournemouth Crown Court. Read the remaining articles in this series. READ MORE…

1. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) fabricates charges.

The charges against me are:

  1. Battery on 24/06/2023
  2. Intentional strangulation on 24/06/2023

Ignoring the fact that all the accusations made against me by my ex are completely fabricated – which I have been trying to prove in my previous articles on this matter – the second accusation presented here by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a complete mystery to me.

I have read through all the documents received from Dorset Police – Police Disclosure – multiple times and I cannot find any information regarding “Intentional strangulation on 24/06/2023.” It seems that the Crown Prosecution Service CPS fabricated this accusation to have a reason to evict me from my home and my company.

Not only am I suffering from this, but my three daughters are also suffering, as I have lost my source of income and am struggling to pay Child Maintenance.

2. Unnecessary Prolongation of the Investigation

Given the amount of evidence I’ve provided to Dorset Police and OIC Rose Pratt, this case doesn’t seem to be complex enough to warrant a 9-month investigation. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) completely disregards the evidence I’ve submitted and the fact that I’m a victim of domestic violence and assault.

Between July 25, 2023, and March 7, 2024 (which is 256 days), my status was “Released on Bail” without the Superintendent’s consent, and then it was changed to “Released under Investigation.” According to the law, an accused person can be bailed without the Superintendent’s consent for only up to 180 days, unless additional documents or inquiries need to be sent between the Police and CPS.

I was prepared to fight against my ex-partner’s false accusations towards me. But I wasn’t prepared to fight against incompetent prosecutors from the Crown Prosecution Service CPS, dishonest officers from Dorset Police, and unprofessional staff from Bournemouth Crown Court.