Bankruptcy Phones Rescue Due To Incompetence Of Bournemouth Police, CPS, And Bournemouth Crown Court

The company “Phones Rescue Ltd” was a small, local business based in Bournemouth, specialising in repairing mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, iPods, and other electronics. … READ MORE

NHS Nurse From Poole Hospital, Domestic Violence, False Testimony, And Lies In Court

My ex-partner is a nurse working at Poole Hospital. Nurse is a unique profession – it’s a person who takes care of sick individuals, often vulnerable. A person working as an NHS nurse should have an unblemished reputation… READ MORE.

Dorset Police and Officer in Charge Rose Pratt illegally evicted a tenant from his home and drove Phones Rescue out of business.

In this article, I will present the incompetence of the Dorset Police, gender discrimination, police lies, evidence fabrication, ignoring complaints, and negligence that led to the ruin of the Phones Rescue company and ruined my life. READ MORE.

Crown Prosecution Service CPS

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) fabricates charges and drives Phones Rescue company to bankruptcy

Ignoring the fact that all the accusations made against me by my ex are completely fabricated – which I have been trying to prove in my previous articles on this matter – the second accusation presented here by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a complete mystery to me. READ MORE.

Incompetence of Bournemouth Crown Court staff leads to the downfall of local company Phones Rescue.

I understand that everyone can make mistakes. However, if mistakes occur twice within one legal case and other people’s mistakes ruin my life, then I have at least the right to know who is responsible for these mistakes. READ MORE.

Why does Officer Rose Pratt from Dorset Police not respect the Victims’ Code and violate the standards of professional conduct for police officers?

Victims’ Code are government guidelines instructing, among other things, the police on how to deal with crime victims. This government website clearly defines who is a victim of crime READ MORE.