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This is a continuation of the article about how the actions of Dorset Police, led by Officer Rose Pratt, the Crown Prosecution Service, and Bournemouth Crown Court led to the ruin of Phones Rescue company and made me homeless by throwing me out of my home. You can read the previous part of the article by clicking the link above.

In this article, I will present the incompetence of the Dorset Police, gender discrimination, police lies, evidence fabrication, ignoring complaints, and negligence that led to the ruin of the Phones Rescue company and ruined my life.

The whole story began on June 23, 2023, when my then-partner accused me of infidelity and decided to use Dorset Police and Bournemouth Crown Court to destroy my life.

June 23, 2023, was a sweltering day. My then-partner had just finished her binge drinking spree from June 15 to June 22, and after sobering up, she was full of aggression. Trying to avoid her to prevent any arguments, around 10 in the morning, I went for a bike ride. About an hour later, my ex-partner hacked into my Instagram account and after reading one of the messages, accused me of cheating and told me not to come back to the house which we shared equally.

When I returned home around 7:00 PM, I found the house locked. This wasn’t the first time my ex had locked the house before me and blocked my entry, so enjoying the nice weather, I just sat in the garden listening to music and smoking a cigarette.

Please note that blocking my access to the house is a sign of domestic violence, which is also described on the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) website:

Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate or Family Relationship


-physical intimidation e.g. blocking doors, clenching or shaking fists

Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate or Family Relationship | The Crown Prosecution Service (

After about half an hour at home, the police arrived. And here comes my first question:

To get a clear picture of the situation, let’s first look at our testimonies and police reports. My statement given during the interview with OIC Rose Pratt:

I sat in the garden and played music and smoked a cigarette

Police disclosure Page 35

My ex’s statements and police reports from this incident:

Female party stuck with her account, not disclosing any offences other then a verbal DA and wishing for the male party to “give her space” and to leave the address, which is also his home.

Police Disclosure Page 4

No domestic violence took place – from my return home until the arrival of the police, I didn’t utter a word to my ex. If Dorset Police and Officer Rose Pratt had done their job properly and interviewed the neighbours, they would have reached the same conclusions. However, from my information, it appears that due to police incompetence and laziness, none of the neighbours have been interviewed.

Informant states that her partner back into address, knocked on the back door and was sat in the garden.

Police Disclosure Page 27

Officers have attended and engaged with both parties – Female located inside the premises and male located outside in the garden.

Police Disclosure Page 27

He has sat in the garden in an apparent attempt to goad her.

Police Disclosure Page 27

Caller states he is sitting and smiling (smirking?) at her. […] Caller says she wants him to leave and that they will talk, but he is just smiling (smirking?).

Police Disclosure Page 32

The police officers who arrived at the scene described my behaviour in their reports:

Male party was spoken too and presented as reasonable.

Police Disclosure Page 27

Suspect was calm and compliant.

Police Disclosure Page 33

Having considered the above facts, I would like to know:

My ex will most likely be held accountable in court for wasting police time. However, the police dispatcher who sends a patrol due to ‘smiling, smirking, goading’ (I would like to know exactly what the police mean by ‘goading,’ as the police report I received does not clarify this) should also be held responsible for unjustifiably dispatching officers to intervene and wasting police time. Perhaps the dispatcher sent the patrol to my house because of listening to music or smoking a cigarette? I requested the details of the dispatcher who decided to send police officers to my house.

The police officer who responded to the intervention had a conversation with me at that time and suggested that I go for another bike ride for an hour to allow my ex to calm down. Following his advice, I went for another ride. And here arise:

2. The first lies of the police and evidence fabrication – Officer Simon Shaw #1720

Officer Simon Shaw lied in official police reports by stating that the police prohibited me from returning home:

I have considered a location ban for the home address and this would be suitable as he has previously ignored Police advice to leave the property and not return.

Police Disclosure Page 34

The Police asked him to stay away and he came back 5 minutes later.

Police Disclosure Page 32

However, the police officer who spoke with me recorded something completely different from Simon Shaw’s version:

At this time, based on what has been said, there was no lawful power to prevent the male party from returning to the address.

Police Disclosure Page 27

Based on the informants account, as well as the male parties account, no offences were identified.

Police Disclosure Page 27

PC 598 states that it is difficult as he is on the tenancy and is technically allowed to be there.

Police Disclosure Page 36

Police report and officer testimonies can be treated as evidence in court, so writing untruths by police officers can be classified as evidence fabrication. Not only the police rely on police reports, but also the CPS and courts, so writing untruths in police reports can have serious consequences for the accused. Individuals reading false information in police reports may draw false conclusions and accept this false information as truth. Officer Simon Shaw also lied by labelling me as an ‘offender’ in his report:

The Victim […] has been in relationship with the offender […] for the last 3 years.

Police Disclosure Page 33

I submitted my comments and concerns on December 17, 2023, by sending an email to OIC Rose Pratt and the Complaints-Misconduct Dorset Police Department. You can read the content of this email by clicking here.

I requested evidence to substantiate the insinuations made by Officer Simon Shaw. This should not be difficult, as the officers who responded to the intervention had cameras installed, which should have recorded the entire incident. To this day, I have not received any responses to the questions and doubts raised in that email.

When I returned from my bike ride home around 10:00 PM, the house was still locked. It was getting chilly, I was tired, having cycled all day in the sun, and I had developed a mild sunstroke, causing me to shiver, so I entered the house through an open window. When my ex saw me, she started a commotion, shouting that she would call the police and ruin my life. I simply stated that she could do as she pleased and went to take a bath. When I finished bathing, I noticed that my ex was no longer in the house. As I began to prepare for bed, the police arrived at the house and arrested me on suspicion of attacking my former partner.

3. The beginning of the investigation

I spent the night in custody, and on June 25, 2023, I had a meeting with Officer Rose Pratt. During this meeting, I presented my version of events. On the evening of June 25, I was released from custody with a restraining order preventing me from approaching the house for 3 months. I considered this unfair and burdensome, especially since I worked from home and lost access to my company, Phones Rescue. However, I realized that Dorset Police needed time to conduct their investigation and uncover the truth. Therefore, I called my bank, where I have a business loan, and requested a suspension of loan payments for 3 months. I was hopeful that within these 3 months, Officer Rose Pratt would uncover the truth and realize that any accusations and slander directed towards me by my ex were fabricated and untrue.

4. Gender discrimination by Officer Rose Pratt and Dorset Police.

I have reported three times to Dorset Police that my ex attacked me and broke my nose in November 2021:

  1. During a meeting with Officer Rose Pratt on June 25, 2023
  2. By phone on July 9, 2023 – Officer dealing 0482 – occ 55230099012
  3. Online – Officer Emma Chubb – occ 55230106821

To this day (March 16, 2024), no action has been taken against my ex. On November 11, 2023, I received an email with the following content:

Hi Andrzej,

I just wanted to clarify a few bits in relation to our call earlier – the matter that you previously reported has actually been filed by the original investigating officer. As I mentioned as you are currently under investigation in relation to another matter we cannot investigate a counter-accusation whilst this is the case.

As such once the current investigation has been concluded then if you wish to pursue a complaint against your ex-partner then the original investigating officer can take these details.

Kind regards


During the court hearing on January 23, 2024, District Judge Michael Veal informed me that there were no legal impediments for me to contact Dorset Police so that they could finally start an investigation against my ex.

Ignoring my emails

I sent an email to Officer Emma Chubb on February 14, 2024, to inform her about this, but I was ignored, and to this day (March 16, 2024), I have not received any response from Emma Chubb. This is not the first time Dorset Police officers have ignored my messages.

I presented Officer Rose Pratt with evidence regarding my ex’s attack on me:

  • My testimony of the incident
  • Photographic evidence of my nose injuries
  • My ex’s admission of attacking me – Police Disclosure Page 27
  • Contact information for witnesses to the events

However, to this day (March 16, 2024), none of the Dorset Police officers have taken any action to hold my ex accountable for her actions. Instead, on January 21, 2024, OIC Rose Pratt demanded medical reports from me regarding this incident. I was thrown out of my home in one day, lost my business, lost income, and the police made me homeless based solely on false accusations from my ex. On the other hand, I have a range of evidence and a witness, and Officer Rose Pratt, after 9 months, demands medical reports from me. I consider this discriminatory against me. Officer Rose Pratt does not treat me and my ex equally, which violates my rights. Therefore, on February 4, 2024, I asked OIC Rose Pratt to provide medical reports of my alleged attack on my ex.

My ex accuses me of attacking her on June 23, 2023:

he pushed me against the wall

Police Disclosure Page 32

Majewski shoved the victim against the wall

Police Disclosure Page 36.

he used both hands to push her in the chest and against the door frame

Police Disclosure Page 33

he grabbed a hold of me in a vice-like grip and pushed me forcefully against the wall. Consequently, my body slammed against the ground

Statements Page 3

He pushed me to the wall with such force my body slammed on the ground.

Statements Page 5 and 6

I’m not a medical expert, but it seems to me that after such an attack, my ex should have some bodily injuries or at least visible marks. I understand that OIC Rose Pratt would have documented these injuries through photographic evidence or had a medical report. However, when I asked her to send it to me, I was ignored, and to this day (March 16, 2024), I have not received any response from OIC Rose Pratt on this matter.

I believe that I am not being treated equally with my ex, and I consider this gender discrimination by OIC Rose Pratt and Dorset Police.

5. Who is the head of Dorset Police?

My accusations regarding gender discrimination by Dorset Police are particularly valid because the Chief of Dorset Police, her deputy, and the Officer in Charge of my investigation are women.

Chief Constable Amanda Pearson

Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Farrell

Previously, I believed that the leadership of Dorset Police was unaware that officers from Dorset Police were breaking the law. However, on January 2, 2024, I received an email from the office of Chief Constable Amanda Pearson, signed by TJ Whittle, regarding my complaints against Dorset Police and OIC Rose Pratt. From that moment on, the Chief Constable can no longer claim ignorance about my case. However, given that most of my questions, complaints, and doubts addressed to Dorset Police remain ignored or unanswered, it appears that officers have permission from the leadership of Dorset Police to break the law, falsify police reports, and discriminate.

The behaviour and actions of OIC Rose Pratt are particularly perplexing to me, given that police reports indicate that officers from Dorset Police realized on the first day of the investigation that my ex was lying and that her statements did not match:

She has then told these officers about the previous assault and stated that he strangled her before — note that when asked by earlier officers if there had been any other assaults she said no, and she said no when ppn question about strangulation, possible this will need revisiting for clarification.

Police Disclosure Page 4

6. More lies and evidence fabrication by Officer Sarah Dutton from Dorset Police

In the police documents, you can read Officer Sarah Dutton’s report:

Suspect was arrested yesterday – occ 55230098162 relates – where by he had pushed his ex partner after a verbal DA earlier in the evening where she kicked him out of the house when she discovered he had cheated on her with her friend.

Police Disclosure Page 10 and Page 36

Both the statement that I pushed my ex and the statement that I cheated on my partner are lies. My ex only testified that she “believes” I cheated on her, as stated in Officer Oliver Duell’s report:

Informants reports that she has ended her relationship with her partner due to believing that her partner had cheated on her

Police Disclosure Page 27

OIC Rose Pratt also committed a crime by writing lies in her report. She wrote:

Later in the evening Suspect came back to HA and pushed Victim

Police Disclosure Page 31

7. The OIC Rose Pratt’s sluggishness in conducting the investigation

I was prepared for a 3-month investigation into my case, which isn’t too complicated given that OIC Rose Pratt had information from the first day of the investigation that my ex was lying and her statements didn’t match, along with no signs of violence on her body and a vast amount of evidence I presented proving my innocence and that I was the victim of domestic violence, not my ex.

I called the bank to freeze the repayment of my loans and patiently waited for Dorset Police officers to uncover the truth and arrest my ex.

However, after 3 months of investigation, OIC Rose Pratt extended the restraining order preventing me from approaching the house for another 3 months. This significantly complicated my situation, but I still patiently waited for the results of the investigation. However, when OIC Rose Pratt extended the restraining order again after six months of investigation, my patience ran out.

From June 23, 2023, until today (March 16, 2024), nearly 9 months have passed. Exactly 266 days. From the information I’ve gathered, during this time neither OIC Rose Pratt nor any of her subordinate officers contacted any of my neighbours or the person who witnessed my partner’s attack on me in November 2021 and spent a week in our house with me and my ex (from June 16 to 24, 2023), preceding the day my ex called the police and made false accusations. Both my neighbours and our friend are crucial witnesses who can confirm my innocence and my ex’s lies. However, it seems that OIC Rose Pratt is not interested in resolving the investigation but rather in destroying my life, and my daughters’ lives, and bankrupting my company.

7.1 What actions did OIC Rose Pratt take to resolve this investigation?

I have every reason to believe that OIC Rose Pratt is conducting the investigation negligently and in violation of the law. Therefore, I demand detailed information about the investigative actions taken by her.

OIC Rose Pratt and her subordinates did not take any action to resolve this investigation. They did not contact neighbours or important witnesses who could confirm my innocence and the truth of my accounts. OIC Rose Pratt also extended the restraining order, further complicating my situation. It seems that there was no activity aimed at actually resolving the case, indicating a lack of engagement in the investigative process.

7.2 The change of status from “Released on bail” to “Released under investigation”

According to the law, the OIC conducting the investigation can extend the bail release for up to 6 months. After this period, they must obtain the Superintendent’s approval.

Under the Police, Crime Sentencing and Court act 2022 the ABP in most cases will initially be 3 months
which can be extended to 6 calendar months by an Inspector and 9 months by a Superintendent. The
Magistrates’ Court can also in the majority of cases extend the ABP from 9 months to 12 or 18. Any
application to extend the ABP to the Magistrate’s Court is to be treated as extended until the application
is determined by the court.

However, there is a legal loophole that allows the Officer in Charge to exceed this period. When it is necessary to send documents between the police and the CPS, the bail release period is suspended. OIC Rose Pratt took advantage of this legal loophole and extended my bail release until March 7, 2024. So my bail release lasted over 8 months – exactly 256 days.

I would like to obtain information about the extremely important documents that were exchanged between the CPS and Dorset Police, which would justify the extension of my bail release to 256 days.

On March 7, OIC Rose Pratt changed my status from “Released on bail” to “Released under investigation.” This entails significant inconveniences for me. When a person has the status of “Released under investigation,” they may have difficulties finding or changing jobs because information about the ongoing investigation appears in the DBS check. Moreover, there is no time limit after which OIC Rose Pratt would have to clear me of charges – she can keep me in this status indefinitely.

From the very beginning of the investigation, I was ready to go to court to prove my innocence. However, OIC Rose Pratt does not allow the case to be brought to court but only seeks to prolong the investigation as long as possible to ruin my life, my company, my reputation, and the lives of my three daughters.

I demand that my case be referred to court, where I will have the opportunity to prove my innocence before a judge or a jury. The actions of OIC Rose Pratt constitute a violation of my rights to a fair trial.

8. Violation of procedures by OIC Rose Pratt

On November 21, 2023, I received an email from OIC Rose Pratt stating that my bail was extended until December 8, 2023 (Friday) and that I was required to appear in person at the Poole police station on that day. On December 8, 2023, I took a day off from work and went to the station in Poole. Upon arrival, it turned out that OIC Rose Pratt was unavailable, and the scheduled meeting would not take place. The person I spoke to at the station informed me that OIC Rose Pratt had sent me an email about the extension of my bail.

It turned out that OIC Rose Pratt did indeed send me an email on that matter on the day of our meeting, December 8, 2023, at 08:20. This is unacceptable!

Please imagine a situation where the investigating officer sends an email on the day of the meeting, requiring the accused to appear at the police station within a few hours. Failure to attend such a meeting would have serious consequences for the accused, including the possibility of arrest.

This is a breach of procedure by OIC Rose Pratt, and I have filed a complaint about it. Ian Allen, who is handling my complaints, spoke with OIC Rose Pratt and concluded that she attempted to contact me by phone, but she mistakenly entered one digit wrong when dialling my number.

[…]Secondly, the contact issue. I have spoken to DC PRATT about this. She showed me the call log for her work mobile for the 08/12/2023. Unfortunately, due to human error she inputted your number incorrectly with 1 digit wrong. This is why you did not receive any calls from her. I am satisfied that this error was made in good faith and with no malicious intent. I apologise on behalf of Dorset Police for the lack of the contact on the 08/12/2023. No further action will be taken with regards to that. […]

I understand that all calls made by police officers are recorded. Since I have evidence indicating that OIC Rose Pratt has lied in her reports before, I have the right to doubt her truthfulness.

9. Ignoring my complaints by Ian Allen and Rose Pratt

When, after six months of investigation, I realized that OIC Rose Pratt was not interested in resolving the case at all, but rather in destroying my life and bankrupting my company “Phones Rescue,” I began an uphill battle with the system and Dorset Police. I started filing complaints condemning the violations of law by Dorset Police officers.

Ian Allen was assigned to handle my complaints. He responded to some of my questions and doubts. However, when I started asking uncomfortable questions for him, Ian began to ignore me, and since January 16, 2024, I have not received any messages from him. This includes my complaint dated February 13, 2024, sent to Ian Allen and Rose Pratt.

I consider such disregard for me unacceptable.

10. Was Officer Rose Pratt involved in any previous cases related to my ex?

My ex has been in four relationships, all of which ended with police intervention, as you can read in the previous article: NHS Nurse From Poole Hospital, Domestic Violence, False Testimony, And Lies In Court (

If so, it may indicate that the other cases against her partners were also not conducted properly, and with a violation of the law.

11. OIC Rose Pratt is a disgrace to Dorset Police.

The actions of OIC Rose Pratt, her lies in reports, sluggishness in conducting investigations, failure to adhere to procedures, failure to interview witnesses who could prove the innocence of the accused, and discrimination against me based on gender – all of these tarnish the police uniform and Dorset Police. Such a person should never become a police officer, let alone an officer leading an investigation.

12. Rapes, murders, burning victims’ bodies, fabricating evidence. What’s wrong with the British police?

  1. On March 3, 2021, British police officer Wayne Couzens abducted, raped, murdered, and then burned the body of 33-year-old Sarah Everard.

Wayne Couzens, a British police officer, abducted, raped, murdered, and then burned the body of 33-year-old Sarah Everard.

Sarah Everard – abducted, raped, and murdered by a British police officer.

2. March 13, 2021: Police arrest Jennifer Edmunds, who came to pay tribute to Sarah Everard, murdered by a police officer. Charge: breaking COVID restrictions. BREAKING COVID RESTRICTIONS! UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson breaks COVID restrictions by hosting lavish parties at his home, while Jennifer Edmunds is arrested for wanting to pay tribute to the victim brutally murdered by a British police officer. Jennifer had to wait 16 months to be cleared of charges. 16 MONTHS! This is a mockery of justice!

Jennifer Edmunds – arrested by British police for wanting to pay tribute to the victim who was murdered by a British police officer.

3. The officers of Dorset Police discriminate against domestic violence victims, lie in police reports, fabricate evidence, and conduct investigations negligently and in violation of principles.

Among the British police officers, many outstanding individuals risk their lives every day to protect and assist citizens. Unfortunately, officers like Wayne Couzens or Rose Pratt tarnish the good image of the rest of the police force. Wayne Couzens has already faced consequences for his actions. I hope that punishment will also reach Rose Pratt.

Documents related to the ongoing investigation

  1. Police disclosures
  2. Statements